What the Hell?

September 19, 2006

Goody’s Got It

Goody’s Got It


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Wow, this video brings me back. Those dance moves rock. I began my beginning hip hop class on Saturday. I am one of the worst dancers in the world. I really am. I have no rhythm so I resort to being funny most of the time using self created moves like the wounded horse, the snake, the gazelle; you get the picture right… It took my cousin weeks to teach me the Kid n Play. So anyway, I started this class and of course was nervous. The teacher is this lady who is awesome. There was this one kid in the class though that at first I liked because he came up and started talking to me. This is always nice when you are new. But then things took a drastic turn. You have to get in lines and do the moves and then switch. I had been in the front line and went to move to the back. When I got there, he looked at me, PUSHED me and said “Go to the front, it is the only way you will learn.” Mind you, this was not a friendly push, or a “go gettem” type of thing. This was an honest to God shove on the back. He is a small, wirery little guy, probably about 22 or so, so that made his aggressive behavior extra weird. I did not really know what to do. He said “See you next class” and I did not reply. Weird, huh.
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