What the Hell?

September 14, 2006

Another Shot Please

Another Shot Please


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God, this video I found on Grouper is hilarious. It is one of blind dates worst match ups ever. I actually sympathize with the girl though. She probably started taking those shots because he is quite dull. Shirt, dull. Voice, dull. Doesn’t drink, dull. I would have been drunk with this guy too. I hate that condescending attitude guys take on when they think they are better than you.
For example, my last little fling ended rather abruptly because all of a sudden he decided that he was not going to drink anymore. I came to realize that this was all we had in common. One night, bored off my ass, I demanded to go out. So he and his friend take me to a crappy bar where he just sits there and watches me drink. God. Lame. Nothing is more fun than drinking a beer with someone starring at you in disgust. I am so glad that is done.
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